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Tanzanite & Diamond Cluster Ring- 18ct Gold 18ct Yellow Gold

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Heavy 9ct Gold Mens Wedding Band D-Shaped 11mm 9ct Yellow Gold

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0.25ct Diamond Solitaire Pendant - Open Tension Setting 18ct Yellow Gold

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1.58ct Diamond Bracelet - 9ct Yellow & White Gold 9ct Yellow & White Gold

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5ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet - 18ct Yellow Gold 18ct Yellow Gold

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Twisted Torque Bangle - Solid 9ct Gold - 41.10g 9ct Yellow Gold

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Classic Court Shaped 18ct White Gold 4.5mm Wedding Band 18ct White Gold

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0.50ct Diamond Bracelet - 18ct White Gold 18ct White Gold

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Emerald Cut Tanzanite & Diamond Cluster Ring 18ct Yellow Gold 18ct Yellow Gold

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Why buy Pre- Owned?
There is pre- owned and there is Jade Jewellers pre- owned. We spare no effort in sourcing, preparing and presenting every piece of jewellery with the utmost care and attention. We know our customers will not compromise on quality and therefore we go to the greatest lengths to ensure all our jewellery is presented in immaculate and pristine condition. We employ only the highest standards within our industry to ensure we live up to our promise every time. The condition of our pre- owned jewellery is so good; it is difficult to tell it apart from jewellery bought brand new.

Pre- Owned Jewellery Costs Less
With NO VAT or excessive dealer mark up, you will always get more for your money. Especially here at Jade Jewellers.

Less Depreciation
Pre- owned jewellery depreciates considerably less than when brought brand new. In fact, as the price of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones increase, pre- owned jewellery will often appreciate in value.

Changing your Jewellery is Cheaper
If you decide to sell or part exchange jewellery you have bought pre- owned, you will often get most of your money back as less has been lost to tax and dealer mark up, meaning it costs less to change or upgrade your jewellery in the future.

Jewellery can be an Investment
Quality pre- owned jewellery will not only give you years of enjoyment, it may prove a good investment if bought sensibly.


Jade Jewellers Pre- Owned
Buy with confidence from Jade Jewellers. Every item listed on our website has been examined by our expert jewellers and all materials are guaranteed to be authentic, as stated in the description. Our dedicated before, during and after sales service gives our customers confidence and peace of mind when dealing with Jade Jewellers.

All jewellery is examined and fully overhauled by our experts to ensure it is presented in the best possible condition. As our photographs indicate, all our quality jewellery is pristine and immaculate and would not be offered for sale otherwise.

7 Day Money Back Returns
Jade Jewellers offer a money back guarantee on all internet purchases which are returned within 7 working days of receipt, in accordance with the law of England and Wales. Customers can shop with confidence that they are not bound to keep jewellery which is unsuitable or which they do not like. Please see our returns and cancellations policy for further details.

Price Guarantee 
We are amongst the best value for money jewellers in the industry.
The prudent management of our company ensures we can consistently offer our customers huge savings on purchasing their jewellery elsewhere, often as much as 50 or 60 %. 



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